Drum Pads 24

Drum Pads 24 1.3.1

Beats by you: mix and make music!

Make, mix, and record music in this quality DJ controller for Android. 

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  • Responsive controls
  • Lots of customization options
  • Can record music


  • Tricky for new users

Very good

Make, mix, and record music in this quality DJ controller for Android. 

Fine tune your music

Drum Pads 24 is much more than a simple musical controller. Samples can easily be looped at for different rhythms making it easy to lay down a beat to your liking. The tempo be adjusted in incriments of 10 (e.g. 110 BPM, 120 BPM, etc.). If that weren't enough, the pitch on each individual sample can be adjusted. All of this customization gives you the opportunity to create truly unique music. 

A nice feature of Drum Pads 24 is that samples can be recorded which essentially means you can record your mini-sets. Unfortunately, recorded samples can't be mixed together. Although sharing via social networks isn't possible yet, you can pull the tunes directly from your phone and onto your computer.

It also offers a library of preset samples for you to sample. These span over a variety of genres including: Electro Party, Dubstep, and even Trap. Some of these libraries are free while others have to be purchased. 


Practice makes perfect

People who don't have much experience with DJ controllers might have trouble learning how to use the app. Simply touch the buttons to activate the corresponding sound. Some of these buttons might be something as short as a quick snare drum or something longer like an auto-tuned singer.  To keep things organized, different sounds (e.g. percussion, synth, etc) are distinguished by colors. Each preset has two pages of buttons meaning that you'll have a total of 24 different buttons/sounds to experiment with.  

Does that sound a bit confusing?

Don't worry: that's completely normal. Unfortunately, the app doesn't provide much guidance or help for newbies. Drum Pads 24 could really use a tutorial to help new users get comfortable with the software. Until that happens, it's recommended that you go to Youtube and look for Drum Pads 24 tutorials to get you acquainted with the app. 

Start mixing!

Although new users might face a difficult learning curve, Drum Pads 24 is still a fun and excellent app for anyone who would likes making and mixing music.

Drum Pads 24


Drum Pads 24 1.3.1

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